Spring is in the Air!


Winter is coming to an end.  The time of withdrawal is coming to a close.  In Seattle there are people out walking again, smiling, utilizing the parks, saying hi to their neighbors, and in general being friendly.  For me, it is the season of ideas and inspirations.  It’s like waking up from a long sleep, well rested and with ideas bursting in my mind.  I am sure I am not the only one.  This week alone I have had one person contact me and ask me to co-write a book and another ask me to create an accountability and support system for women entrepreneurs.   It is spring and creativity abounds!!  I myself am working on a game that I was gifted by the universe to birth into the physical realm.  The question I have is, how do we keep this creativity and momentum going?  If this is the season of planting, how do we guarantee that what we want to plant is what we ultimately are able to harvest?

I myself have no answer to this age old question.  I have no magic formula that promises results.  I too am a searcher, a life long learner of sorts.  I tend to have more questions than answers.  I have spent a lot of time observing life and how people are within it.  Observation is one of my favorite things, people are the most interesting subject.  But, I digress; this is about Spring and how to harvest what it is we desire.  The one thing I have noticed about successful projects and people is the art of reception.  Fear of (fill in the blank) is tossed aside and receiving with calm clarity is present.  Could fear be looked at like a deep freeze?  Something that will kill the seeds we’ve planted before they even have a chance?  Could receiving what is be the sun and rain that nurtures the seed itself?  If we looked at weather in a judgmental way, we might say sun is the good and rain is the bad. Yet, the seed needs both to come to full potential.  If we take this lesson from nature and transfer it onto our desire can we then look at all that we receive, both good and bad, and know that they are working on helping us realize the fullest potential of our desire?

Today’s blog is just food for thought.  A fun way to look at our spring time desires.  Let’s love our desires the same way we love our gardens.  Protecting our seeds from the freeze and being grateful for both, the sun AND the rain!  Happy Spring…….

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