You’re Doing It Wrong!

Now that I have decided to get myself out into the world of entreu/leadership I find I need to put myself into a lot of positions where what appears to be rejection can happen.

Recently I created an event, based on a topic that numerous women said they wanted to discuss.  Ok, it was the topic of death.  I did not pick the topic, others did.  I am not afraid of death however and so I was happy to take this topic on.  I scheduled a day, I created flyers, I bought wine, I posted, mailed and social networked the flyers out and nobody showed up!  Up comes the thoughts and feelings that I am doing it wrong!  Aaaahhhh!  Being human is such an experience of emotions!

Am I doing it wrong?  Does it matter if I am doing it wrong?  At least I am doing it, right?  So what if nobody shows up to my event on chatting about your impending doom!  Nobody is going to get out of here alive even if they don’t feel comfortable talking about the fact of death.  Should I feel hurt disguised as anger that my first ever event was a flop?  Or, maybe I should just look at it as a practice game.

If I keep showing up, creating events, and being brave something is going to stick…..I hope!Wrong-way-sign1

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