My Labia Your Labia…..Wouldn’t you like to Have a Vulva too?


A person dear to my heart had a labia breakdown after a few cocktails.  She admitted that she was sure her Vulva was too big and that she needed surgery.  I was shocked and saddened!  And then I remembered all that I have had to go through to get to happy healthy body image, including my loving my Pussy!  I was raised by a Lutheran mother,  and in that culture talking about things that are uncomfortable is avoided. Ok so let’s admit it, talking about anything other than the weather is avoided!  Needless to say, my mother never encouraged me to discuss or even ask any questions about my pussy.  I learned everything I know on my own.  I looked at my Yoni with a mirror when I was a teenager.  I even masturbated in front of a mirror a couple of times to see what happened when that exquisite feeling came over me after I touched myself.

But, I am getting side tracked. After my initial curiosity I never looked at my pussy again, knowing she was serving me well down there.  After my marriage ended I started dating and somehow ended up with a man who turned out to be an abusive bully.  Though this was good for me to learn empathy for women who find themselves in an abusive relationship, it was not great for my immediate self-esteem.   I love sex.  The first thing he took from me was sex.  After we moved in together he stopped having sex with me for the most part, except that one time that I got pregnant.  After our son was born we took the little skiff out for a ride.  My baby boy was sleeping in the hull, I was wearing a skirt, no panties and barefoot.  We were in the middle of Lake Union.  We were having a rare fun day together in the sunshine.  I teasingly pulled up my skirt to expose him.  His response?  “You have the ugliest vagina I have ever seen.”  In his ignorance he was probably referring to my vulva, but my vulva…..this was so fucking painful!  What kind of man insults a woman in this way?  What kind of man insults a woman’s body part that gave birth to his child?  I can still remember the intense pain I felt.  It was shortly after that that I got the restraining order against him but, It took a long time to share my lady bits with another man!!  After the relationship I found a therapist who supported me in learning about women’s bodies.  I looked up pictures, I went to the women’s spa and observed what I could of women’s bodies.  I asked my waxer if my pussy looked normal.

I have now done my homework and after 48 years in this body I know that I have the most amazing pussy!! I would like to share with you a fantastic web site called Labia Library.  It is exactly what it sounds like!  This sit has answers to questions, it has photographs, and it is full of general information regarding your Vulva. Poke around and have fun learning about your most amazing body part!  I truly wish that someone had introduced this to me when I was younger.

Enjoy your beautiful Pussy’s ladies!!!  Xoxoxo

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