My Pleasure Diet

yummyWhat is a pleasure diet and why would I want to go on a Pleasure Diet?  About a month ago I heard a woman say that she had put herself on a daily pleasure diet.  She said that she is starting a business and realized she needed to make sure that she was nurturing herself while she was nurturing her new business.  This made sense to me so I began thinking about what I would need or what a pleasure diet would look like for me.  Five pleasurable experiences a day seems like a good amount for a daily diet.  On days that are exceptionally stressful maybe more experiences of pleasure would be necessary.  I could also add pleasure in on good days and bank up my feel good for days that might be a little more trying.  I began asking people what they did daily that created pleasure for them.  I started looking at what simple and big things bring me pleasure.  It was interesting and enjoyable to look at my daily activities and acknowledge the rituals that I love.  I also got to see that there are things I love and wish I would do daily but when I get into the busy busy mode I omit or let slide.

Looking at a daily pleasure diet is like any discipline, you need to do it daily to achieve the full affects.  I also realized that as this is a pleasure diet it needs to have the feeling of pleasure and success versus the feeling of pressure and failure.  So, what I came up with for myself are five things I love to do every day and five things that are optional to help fill my pleasure tank.  Because this is a pleasure diet I do not allow myself to feel shame if I miss something.  I am blessed and grateful that I have brought other people into my pleasure diet to support me in keeping my pleasure high.

My List of 5 experiences of Pleasure to do while practicing my pleasure diet:

  • Taking the time to enjoy a hot cup of tea during the day. This truly means taking time to enjoy it.  I put it in a cup that fulfills my desire for slim delicate touch on my mouth.  I choose a tea that is just right for the moment.  I wait to sip it until the temperature is perfect for me.  I enjoy!
  • For me meditation is delicious.  I love it!  I consider it my time to be one with the power of the universe.  I meditate for 20 minutes per day.  Some people do less one day I hope to be doing more.  However it happens, meditation is an important part of my pleasure diet.
  • Low impact exercise. The word exercise makes me cringe but, that is truly what it is.  My favorite is to go for a walk in the woods near my home.  Sometimes when it is a rushed day it is just a walk to the store and back.  Other days it is a half hour ride on a stationary bike at the YMCA.  Whatever it turns out to be it is intentionally moving my body for a period of time for no reason other than to get my body moving.  I love the woods because it also allows me to connect with nature which I find extremely pleasurable!
  • Music and movement. Whether it is just putting on a favorite song, cranking it up and dancing or spending a period of time on stretching and tantric dance, I find hearing music while moving my body very grounding and pleasurable.
  • Connecting with a friend. I am a person that is likely to get busy in my daily activities and not reach out and take time for a deep connection with another person.  I am also the person who will isolate when I am feeling a little down.  Making sure I take the time to connect with one of my girlfriends every day is vital to my pleasure.  This does not include Social Networking or connecting with the people who live in my home.  For me it is truly about reaching out.

My 5 Pleasure Diet Optional Experiences:

  • Given by my partner or myself orgasm releases oxytocin which helps keep me in pleasure.
  • There are some days that having a bit of dark chocolate melt on my tongue is the most pleasurable experience in the world.  I use this experience when I really feel the desire.
  • I have indoor and outdoor plants and there are days when I need a couple of minutes to get grounded.  I find going to my plants and futsing about helps bring me into the moment and fills my pleasure meter.
  • I am not a big fiction reader but I do read for pleasure.  I love to learn new things and hear/read others perspectives.   Reading gives me the opportunity to tune out the world around me and to tune in to another’s mind.  Both Fascination and Pleasurable.
  • Having guest is so delicious for me.  It feeds my heart, my soul and my home.

What do you find brings you pleasure each day?  What would be on your pleasure diet?  How many experiences can you think of other than your top 5 that would bring you pleasure?  Have some fun with this.  Research what brings you pleasure.  If you are able to maybe you too could make a discipline of pleasure with a pleasure diet.  I know I am loving mine!!!  Enjoy your diet!!

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