Ready Aim Fire


I have decided to go for it!  I have had the dream of owning my own business for 15 years.  I have spent all these years talking about owning a business.  I have prayed about the how and why of my business:

What business do I want?

What business model should I have?

Do I want investors?

Is this really a good idea?

What is a good idea?

Can I have more than one business at a time?

I have written bunches of business plans and yet I still feel confused and doubtful.  Have you ever had something that you wanted so much that you could taste it?  Well I HAVE tasted it because I’ve spent hours, days, years— visualizing what my life could be if I owned my own business!  I have analyzed every aspect of owning a business.  The one thing I did not do was take action!

I have gotten “ready to fire” over and over again.  But each time I would stop to think about all the reasons that pulling the trigger was not a good idea!  I found people to agree with me.  They would tell me things like, “That is a great idea for you to do after your child is grown”.  “You should do something with that after you find a man to support you”.  Or, “Are you sure you really want to do that, it is so edgy?”  The support for me to remain stuck was endless.  For 15 years I have been paralyzed by fear!

I have decided to pull the trigger!  Daily I am doing something toward a business.  I am sure I am doing it all wrong yet, I am finally doing it.  I am finally ignoring all of the voices that have told me for years that I am not ready, I am not good enough, I am not doing it correctly.

I am breaking all the traditional business rules by starting several businesses at a time.  I am spending time on a community page which brings in no revenue, another big no no.  I am starting businesses before the business plans are complete! According to a college professor I had, this is a big no no!  At some point I understood my choice.  I could play it safe every day by working to create someone else’s business, or I could show up for myself and fulfill my own dream.

What is your dream?  What are the sweet words of warning that you or others tell yourself? When are you going to be so uncomfortable living without what you want that you are ready to fire?  What little thing can you do to take action today?

READY?  AIM and then take that most important step and FIRE!!!

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