Not In MY Neighborhood.

Today has been almost surreal. My emotions have been all over. At 8:20 this morning my son’s school bus driver called to say that all school’s in our district were in lock down and that she would not be picking our son up. I contacted the school and yes, all schools were on lockdown. I could feel the adrenaline start to flow. I searched the internet and found that a man had entered a school campus with a shotgun and threatened to go to other schools within the district! The place that he was last seen was 10 blocks from our home! I live in the suburbs, this is not supposed to happen in my neighborhood! My next door neighbors home school so I contacted them to let them know what was happening down the street. She decided her and her kids would feel more comfortable at my house. It was so strange to be spending the morning with the curtains closed and our children performing a play about a gunman getting caught and everyone being saved. The lockdown was lifted and she went back to her house. It would appear that the gun situation was all a big misunderstanding?!?! I can say that I am grateful at how our district handled the event and it was awesome to see how our community came together to help one another.


After the drama of the first half of the day was over our home filled with people. Family and friends stopped in to visit and share a meal. It was so wonderful to hear the sounds of a bunch of children laughing safely in the next room.

As the night comes to a close I realize I have not exercised or meditated today. I am on day 17 of a 30 days of orgasm challenge and I really just want to sleep, refresh and regroup. What a week this has been!

Until tomorrow….

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