my first orgasm…

I first discovered orgasm at about 11 years of age.  I had an overwhelming urge to explore my nether region after going to bed one night.  I remember touching the top of my Yoni (not a name I had at the time, my mother actually gave me no name for my nether region hence the general term).  I enjoyed a short explosion of release and pleasure from this exploration.  I continued to explore ‘down there’ on a fairly regular basis.  What I discovered was that if I moved my fingers down further there was a wet hole between my legs.  I remember putting my fingers into this hole to feel what was in there. I did not like the feeling of slime on my fingers and it did not give me that pleasurable burst that I felt when my fingers stayed up higher.  I also remember that in my teen years I became even more curious about my Yoni and decided I wanted to see what this area actually looked like.  I took a mirror and watched myself masturbate to orgasm.  A little flow of creamy white liquid came out of my vaginal opening.
There are so many different ways that girls first discover orgasm.  The way I discovered orgasm is very simple, maybe even slightly boring.  How did you first discover orgasm?  Was it your stuffed animals?  Was it your uncle, father, grandfather tickling your private parts?  Was it your first horse back riding lesson?  Was it climbing the rope in gym class with all your friends watching?  How about the neighbors dog who liked to lick you?
Orgasm is a natural reaction to stimulation.  It is nothing to be ashamed of.  Even if your first, second, or 50th orgasm happened in a way that is uncomfortable to think about for you emotionally, the orgasm itself only points out to you that your body is doing what it was designed to do.
If you have yet to experience your first orgasm by yourself or with another, that is OK too. Each body responds differently and each female body is unique.  Continue self exploration to help determine what is right for you. If there is pain with touch this is a more serious conversation and it is a good idea to consult your Dr.

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