As I was exercising today I started thinking of all of the freedom’s I have.  I realized that I have so many more freedoms than my great grandmother and grandmother had.  I have the freedom to have an education. I have the freedom to marry for love.  I have the freedom to openly discuss my sex life.  I have the freedom and right to go to tell others, including the legal system, if my partner is abusive. I have freedom of religion.  I have the freedom to dress as I choose. I have so many freedoms that women 100 years ago did not have.  I am so grateful that I have the freedoms that I have today.
The one thing that I continually went back to while I was climbing the electric stairs was, freedom from my self critic.  I cannot say I am free from my inner critic. I find myself often having to tell myself that The I am that I am is in charge not the voice that tries to keep me safe.  The voice that tries to imprison me by using self doubt and self criticism. I understand that this voice, commonly referred to as EGO, is there to keep me safe.  I understand that for thousands of years and in some parts of the world even today, women who express thoughts, opinions and ideas like mine are not safe. I get that, I honor that, and I have been kept prisoner by that. I have been telling my personal prison guard that I am ok to be set free in the world.  I have been telling my inner critic that I have served my time and I am worthy of freedom.  Freedom from self judgement and judgement of others.
As miracles are common in my life, a miracle happened when I returned home from daily exercise.  In my email box was an article that a friend sent me because it made her think of me.  This article speaks directly on the inner critic and how it stops women from being the best and biggest that they can be.  It is so awesome that I had to share it with you.  Enjoy!!!

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