A Girl’s Room is proud to introduce – Solana Chavez

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Solana Chavez, writer and lover of the astrological arts, will be a regular contributor to A Girl’s Room

Solana Chavez

I began following Lunar Astrology over 14 years ago, as a way to connect with my own cycle as a woman and to track my own patterns of emotions and behavior. Over the years, I have often gone back to read notes in my Lunar calendars from the past, and I have always been fascinated by the way my own life experiences have coincided with planetary shifts. This is real science taking place on a spiritual plane, and the proof is “in the pudding.”

My recommendation with astrology is to absorb what makes sense to you, what pertains to you, and let the rest go. Every astrologer (and school of astrology) is going to have a different lens of perspective and filter for interpretation; some will resonate with you more than others. Trust your gut.

There is SO MUCH happening in our “little” solar system, and as we pay attention to how our Moon, Sun and fellow planets are traveling through the Zodiac, we can begin to draw connections to our own journeys. This is a path of self-inquiry and self-discovery. Following this path is one of many ways to awaken self-awareness and self-love….and this is not selfish! It is the same way that the rivers run back to the Ocean – merging into the larger Self.

Plus, the more information we have about the terrain we are navigating, the more fun we can have and the more success we can experience!

It is very helpful to have your Natal Chart as a reference guide for your personal adventure in this lifetime. I recommend going to Astrodienst at www.astro.com. Go to “extended chart selection” under “Free Horoscopes.” I follow Tropical Time-Zone astrology (Western geocentric), and I primarily use the Placidus house system – the gold standard in Western astrology and known for its keen psychological approach. Astrolabe is also a great website and probably the easiest to use, at www.alabe.com.

In addition to my love of astrological study and writing, I find great pleasure and healing in music, yoga and connecting with the Ocean, rivers, mountains and trees. I am blessed with the honor of parenting two teenage boys and two cats.

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