Solana’s Lunar Forecast for the Week of 9/21

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Lunar Forecast for the week of 9/21/15

Hello Lunar lovelies,

This week is full of decisive movement and empowering action!

La Luna began her 2nd quarter at 1:59 am PDT today (Monday) and went void at that precise moment as well, leaving Sagittarius.  She then entered Capricorn at 5:33 am this morning, giving us a very practical and businesslike beginning to the week.  The Goat is ambitious and a great friend for achieving goals.  “Go for it and keep at it,” she tells us.  She helps us with preparation and planning, as well as follow-through.  If you are in the middle of a big undertaking, or getting ready to take on something meaningful, let Capricorn’s influence keep you rooted in reality while you take the necessary steps towards accomplishment.

The start of the 2nd quarter is always a good check point on progress from the most recent New Moon, as it is the perfect time to make subtle adjustments as needed to alter your direction and transform what you are manifesting in this Moon cycle.  So check in with yourself today, tune into your vibration, and visualize your desires.  Your life is your making and you hold the power with your intention!

This particular 2nd Quarter is also the halfway checkpoint between the 2 eclipses we are having this month (the partial Solar eclipse we had on 9/13 and the full Lunar eclipse we will have on 9/27).  Lunar eclipses happen twice per year and Solar eclipses happen 2-5 times per year (the majority being partial eclipses).  With both Lunar and Solar eclipses, the veil between the spiritual and physical realities gets very thin (like at a New Moon), facilitating shape-shifting, transformation, magick and quantum growth.

On Tuesday, Luna leaves Capricorn and begins wandering between signs in the late afternoon, so don’t make any finalizing decisions after 4:13 pm if you can help it.  However, that Capricorn energy may have helped you make up your mind already – in which case, proceed with caution.

On Wednesday, we celebrate Mabon, the Fall Equinox – one of the 2 annual balancing points between light and dark.  Our Sun will enter Libra at 1:21 am, and we often feel an immediate harmonizing energy when any of the major planets shift into this sign.  Cooperation, charm, aesthetic improvements and socializing are the name of the game while Sun is in Libra.  Retrograde Mercury is also in Libra, adding emphasis on communication and intellectual stimulation, but don’t let the indecisiveness of Libra capture you; focus on diplomacy and tactful decision-making.  It is okay to be in a state of “I don’t know” — if that is where you are at, just own it.  No need to fake or force clarity if it’s not there yet. It is also helpful to take a look at the house in your chart that contains Libra – this will tell you what areas of your life are being affected by these two major players taking residence in the sign of the Scales.

Luna will enter Aquarius on Wednesday late morning at 10:51 am.  The energy of the day is bound to carry a buzz of creativity and original thinking.  The Water-Bearer is rebellious by nature, as he is ruled by Uranus, the master of rebellion himself.  Uranus is still retrograde in Aries until 12/25/15, which slows down his reactive nature a bit and gives us a better chance at creating structure and getting organized.  Uranus spends about 7 years in each sign and travels retrograde for about 5 months out of the year.  His entire transit through fiery Aries is from 3/11/11 – 5/15/18.  When we are noticing rebellious energy within ourselves and the desire to uproot and change everything, it is a good idea to look back on life changes that may have happened back in March of 2011 – this can speak to the trajectory that Uranus in Aries has been plotting in your life.  Also, when looking at your chart, you can find the house linked to the sign of Aries in order to see how the individualistic nature of Uranus may be affecting that area of your life.  Uranus can be a great support for us to make big shifts in our lives, as long as we get clear about what direction we want to go in!

On Thursday, passionate Mars enters Virgo at 7:18 pm.  The energy shifts out of the dramatic and romantic nature of Leo and into the precision and efficiency of Virgo, where it will reside for 7 weeks until 11/12/15.  The driven and masculine vibration of Mars is meeting up in Virgo with the expansive and prosperous nature of Jupiter, which means the Virgo spirit is amplified.  The Virgin has also spent the last month chaperoning the Sun through her organized sanctuary, so we already have the tracks for pragmatic action laid out for us.  Let Mars take the reins and get to work!  Venus will be joining him in Virgo in just 2 weeks – stay tuned and savor these final days of Venus being exalted by the romantic Lion.

Luna is void-of-course from 9:02 pm Thursday to 12:43 pm Friday, at which point she enters dreamy and sensitive Pisces.  This void should be painless, and hopefully you will be resting through the bulk of it.  Just don’t jump to conclusions on Friday morning, as there is more to be revealed.  When Luna enters Pisces, our intuitive and empathetic nature is highlighted, and we may become overwhelmed with feeling.  Remove yourself from negative people and situations whenever possible, but especially when the Pisces energy is strong.  The Fish is ruled by Neptune, who is at home in her waters until 2025 (he takes 13-14 years to travel through each sign).  Neptune is rolling retrograde for another 8 weeks, and he has been holding the door open for mystical experiences and spiritual awakening.  Self-care is needed to walk this path, otherwise we may fall prey to escapism and confusion.

This Saturday (9/26), our Moon leaves Pisces at 9:32 am and remains void all day.  Don’t sign contracts, make major purchases or give ultimatums today.

Luna enters Aries at 12:29 pm on Sunday, sparking new ideas and assertive action, but held in check by Mars in Virgo — which is a good thing!  Pay attention to inspirations that come to you, but let emotions and arguments fall away.

The energy has been building for the total eclipse of the Supermoon (Full Moon coinciding with Lunar perigee) on Sunday, a rare event indeed.  The last Supermoon total Lunar eclipse was in 1982, and the next one will be in 2033.  This is exciting!  If you are fortunate enough to be in a place where you can watch it happen, please share your findings with those who are close to you – your direct experience will have a ripple effect.  Those of us who don’t watch the eclipse happen will still feel it, most certainly.  The Lunar eclipse reaches maximum at 7:47 pm PDT, and the Full Moon is exact at 7:51 pm PDT.

When La Luna is full she always represents the harvest, and this is THE Harvest Moon, the closet Full Moon to the Fall Equinox.  At this time, the seeds of our intentions are sprouting, but often we are too distracted by the heightened vibration of a Full Moon to see clearly what has manifested.  Add the Supermoon eclipse on top of that and we’ve got a big wave to ride.  Now is the time to absorb, receive and honor what is building – it is high tide in an energetic sense.  As the waves begin to ebb again, as the Moon begins to wane, we can move into a place of reflection and discernment.  I often prefer to get quiet and go within at both the Full Moon and the New Moon — that is simply what feels right for my constitution and for supporting my path as a Medicine Woman.

How will you honor the Divine Being you are with the tools being offered to you? What shifts need to be made to allow your soul to rejoice in the gift of Living?  What does your heart say?  The heart knows….

Namaste, peace & blessings ~


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