Coffee, Coffee…Tea

3 cupsI am bisexual.

No, I am not bi-curious. I don’t need to be. I have loved the female race since I was old enough to feel the tickle of desire.

Yes, I am married to a man. I love him more than I have ever loved another soul on this planet, in the romantic sense. I have been having sexual relations and intimate relationships with females since my school days. I was in my twenties before having a relationship versus a sexual encounter with a girl.

I have been asked a lot of questions about what and how to be with a woman, especially because it is an area that I have yet to be willing to give up even when I am in relationship with a man.

Yes, this sometimes means a ménage à trois.

.My main advice for a woman, who has never been with a woman and truly wants to have that experience, is to do it alone. If it is something that you have been thinking about and makes your heart skip a beat, do your personal research before you include your male companion.

The reason that I give this advice is because your desire is leading you to another living, breathing human. Another woman is not a sex toy. She is a person who will come with her own smells, sounds and tastes. She will have her emotional response to you and you will have your emotional response to her.

And, you will likely have an emotional response to being with a woman for the first time. If, you or your partner insist that your first experience with a woman will have him included go in very, very cautiously. Jealousy will likely arise for one or both of you. There may be questions about who did what with whom and why. You may even wonder if your partner is going to bond with the other woman.

Oh, and you still have your personal feelings of what it was like to be with a woman to deal with.

However you decide, if you decide, to step out and taste the love of another woman, communication isthe most important part of the process. Talk about your feelings, fantasies and fears with whoever is involved. Be honest with yourself throughout the process.

Is this just a fantasy that should stay a fantasy? Or, are you ready to open your heart, mind and legs to anew and different reality?

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