Can you feel it?

The season has definitely changed. I can feel it in my entire being.

My mood has started to shift. I am noticing that instead of making plans for Friday and Saturday nights I am planning on staying in. The season has come to sit in front of a fire and read, write, play games or watch television on a Friday night instead of my usual out on the town adventures.

Can you feel it too? Do you notice when fall comes you want to start a new book, Netflix series, or puzzle? Do you find that you are going inward versus the reaching out with the fiery playful energy of the summer?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just because I am newly married and ready to start the practice of being married, whatever that means. Maybe it is because my child has just gone back to school and I am triggered by the built in cycle that the lifetime of education timeline has provided.Whatever this energetic change is, it coincides neatly with the change in season each and every year.

Happy Harvest Everyone!

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