Lunar Forecast for the Week of 9/28/15

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Lunar Forecast for the Week of 9/28/15

Hello Moon-watchers,

You may feel a bit altered today after last night’s total Lunar eclipse. You may simply feel inspired by the beauty and mystery of it. The combined factors of it being an Aires Lunar eclipse as well as a very rare Supermoon eclipse (Moon being closest to Earth at time of total eclipse that we will see for another 18 years) – it created a special kind of medicinal energy, or magick if you will. Aires is focused on the self, new beginnings, ideas, motivation and courage. Aires is ruled by Uranus, the planetary catalyst for change and revolution. Uranus disrupts the status quo and stagnant living. If you are feeling some upheaval in your life at this time, please know that the positions of the planets are supporting change and supporting us in letting go of that which does not serve us. Now is the time to peel off another layer of delusion and move forward into our greater good and life purpose. We are to do this from our inner-knowing and from our individual will and desire – not because the outside world is telling us to! For many of us, myself included, this requires getting quiet, taking space, taking rest and moving from a place of self-trust and self-love. Aires/Uranus can influence reactive or impulsive thinking and behavior if we don’t consciously slow down and tap into what we know to be true.

Moving on into this week!

Today, La Luna remains in Aires all day, a fitting beginning to the week with Aires being the first sign of the Zodiac. Aires says, “Let’s start something!” Mondays are ruled by the Moon, so the energy we are absorbing from yesterday’s eclipse is magnified and driven home today.   What are we initiating in our lives?

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Moon is void all morning until 11:57am PDT. The energy of the morning could feel a little unsettled or ungrounded, but we will be brought down to Earth when Luna lands in Taurus just before noon. We get to live in the stable realm of Taurus for 49 hours – enjoy it! Taurus is grounded and rooted, she loves security and comfort. Her sensual nature means that pleasure is at the forefront when Luna passes through her territory. What pleasure are we accepting in our lives right now? Are there areas where we are blocking the flow of pleasure? Do we feel deserving of pleasure? Do we feel like we have to hide our pleasure? Are the things we turn to for pleasure actually satisfying us? Be curious in your observations. There are no wrong answers as we journey into deeper self-awareness.

On Wednesday, Luna is still in Taurus when the Sun forms an inferior conjunction with Mercury in the sign of Libra at 7:38am PDT. Mercury is still retrograde, and at the time of conjunction he is directly centered in his alignment with the Sun, he is cazimi. The Sun illuminates and gives life. Mercury asks questions and seeks knowledge, and he controls communication and technology. What breakthroughs are we ready for in the areas that Mercury governs? The Sun is here to give us support and feed our needs. The Sun in Libra is in the mood for balancing all things. Mercury retrograde in Libra is asking for direction, how to find balance. There is partnership and support being offered as Mercury dissolves into the complete light of the Sun. Libra is unselfish and prefers the greater good over individual gain. This is a prime time for ending wars and coming up with solutions for settling disputes – within ourselves, within our families, socially and globally.

On Thursday, La Luna is wandering from 3:44am to 1:03pm, when she begins her dance with Gemini. Time for change, or rather…variety. Gemini isn’t interested in permanency; he is mutable, airy and ruled by Mercury – he likes to move quickly from one thing to another. He is the monkey mind. He is duality, and he is rapidly deconstructing the concept of duality. Highly intelligent, he can live in more than one realm. Under a Gemini Moon, we are apt to solve problems, rearrange our surroundings, change our style or demeanor, and thoroughly enjoy cerebral connections.

On Saturday, Luna will be void from 10:18am until she enters Cancer at 5:22pm. You know the drill during a void – try not to sign your name on the dotted line for anything huge and don’t be surprised if you feel caught in a vortex, especially if you are very sensitive. The main thing to remember is to AVOID HASTE. Impulsive purchases or commitments during a void are often regrettable, but when we have a durable plan and alert clarity, we can move forward in trust.

When Luna enters Cancer, we are called home. To our physical home, to our families, to the things that nurture us. The Crab has a tough shell to protect her tender flesh, almost overcompensating for how soft she actually is. She needs safety in order to open up. She needs to know she is protected in order to connect with her emotions and communicate them in a healthy way. Passive-aggressive behavior shows up easily when the Crab feels vulnerable or exposed. Taking time to settle into the sanctuary of our homes and of our very being is key. From this settled and protected place, we can loosen our grip, we can smile, we can enjoy the fluid nature of life and the feelings that ebb and flow.

This coming Sunday marks the 4th Quarter of our Moon cycle, exact at 2:06pm. This is an opportune time to note where we are on our path and make adjustments. The 2nd and 4th quarters are the Lunar checkpoints, our time to recalibrate and re-direct our intentions to match our goals. The 2nd quarter is more about building and receiving, and the 4th quarter is more about finishing and releasing. The 4th quarter facilitates detoxification, cleaning/clearing, checking off our to-do list, and lightening our load. We are preparing for the next New Moon, dear ones! The sacred time is Now and Now and Now. Self-care is needed every step of the way.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

“It is done as you believe.”

Blessings and Love!

~ Solana

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