Yes, Yes, YESSS!


Saying YES!!!

What if we said yes to everything?

What does that look like to you? Does it look like you must receive everything that comes at you?

What if saying yes to everything that is in your good means that it is ok to say no?

When I say this I am not saying to say yes to a person who wants something from you that you do not want to give. I am saying what if we all said yes to our own selves at all times.

What if, as research, we spent an entire day saying yes to our self?

What would it look like if today I said yes to me? Would I take on that extra responsibility that I really don’t want? How would it feel if, just for today, I checked in with myself and asked myself what I truly want in each moment and each situation of the day?

I wonder if in spending more time honoring my personal self and what I want, I would be more able to honor others and more easily hear what they want.

I am putting out a challenge to you all. I challenge you join me and spend one day saying yes to your true self. I challenge you to check in with yourself at each moment and ask yourself, “What is it that you truly want? What is it that feels right in the moment? What is it that gives you your YES?”

YES to me! YES to you! YES to the higher truth that is us ALL!

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