Lunar Forecast for the Week of 10/5/15

2015-08-26 11.50.03 (1)

Hello my dear Moon friends:

We have started the week with a void Moon, and we will see several prolonged voids this week as well as some pivotal planetary shifts (Venus and Mercury, oh my!).

Monday: La Luna left the waters of Cancer early this morning at 4:04am PDT. She will be wandering all day, footloose and fancy free. She has been through some serious transformation recently – and we are likely feeling this reflected in our own lives. A day to duck out and fly under the radar could be exactly what we need right now. Hold off on signing contracts today if you can help it.

Tuesday: Luna will begin her dance with Leo in the wee hours at 1:31am. This will add to the romance of the day, as well as stimulate the desire for self-expression. How do you show up in the world? How do you shine? The Lion puts La Luna in the mood to step out with boldness and courage, to radiate her light energy without fear of judgment.

Mars is in charge on Tuesdays. Venus is ending her dance with Leo, ruler of the 5th House of pleasure and creativity. Hmm, sounds like we have a recipe for heart-centered passion…..perfect for love magick!

Wednesday: Luna will leave the Lion’s den at 2:10pm and roam between signs for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, Venus is giving Leo a lingering kiss goodbye….this will be her last day as Queen of his lair, and she won’t be back to see him for another 9 months. Venus has been dancing with Leo for about twice as long as her normal sign transit, due to her retrograde from 7/25-9/6. Her extended affair with the most romantic sign of the Zodiac brought desires of the heart to the surface for many of us. And remember, this romance doesn’t have to be sexual or even with another person. It activates all of the chakras. It speaks to what you love – to feel, touch, taste, think. What you love to do and create. What you love to experience. What you love to give and what you love to receive. What you simply desire from a place of freedom and a sense of worthiness. Venus in Leo has reminded us of our divinity. The goddess has been comforted, nurtured, exalted and satisfied. She emanates a special glow after her long waltz with the Lion, and this glow is sure to stay with us for some time.

Thursday: Time to shift gears. Venus enters practical and feminine Virgo at 10:29am PDT. Venus is joining Mars and Jupiter who are already residing in the Virgin’s domain, so the desire for order, correction and precision is both energized (Mars) and expanded (Jupiter). At 12:50pm, the Virgo party gets even bigger when La Luna shows up on the scene – it’s time to get things done! Procrastination will get a kick in the butt, just you wait.

The goddess in Venus feels quite at home in Virgo, for this is the realm of self-care, a much needed component for beauty, health and well-being. Venus is given a reality-check by the Virgin, who tells us to care for the body, the vessel we are given to carry us through life. Venus renews herself in Virgo from 10/8-11/8, so use this time to take care of the body and the brain. This is also a great time for planning, organizing and academic study – especially as it relates to healthcare, the arts and all things feminine.

Friday Mercury: This is another day of activated energy, as Mercury goes direct at 7:57am PDT. However, we aren’t quite done with the Mercurial tricks as our quick-witted and androgynous sibling doesn’t leave its retrograde shadow completely until the 24th of this month. Not to fear! Review, re-order, redecorate, recharge, release, reconnect, reconsider, regroup, re-calibrate….the Virgo energies at large can help with these things.

Also, remember that retrograde Mercury was cazimi (in the heart of the Sun) in Libra just last week, offering up a potent dose of mind medicine. Mercury’s prolonged dance with Libra will last over 2 months (from 8/27-11/2, thanks to its retrograde) keeping the intellect striving towards balance and harmony a little longer than usual. As our Sun remains in Libra until 10/23, and Libra rules the 7th House of partnerships, we find ourselves in an ideal time for refining our relationships and our surroundings. Let’s have a little etiquette and cooperation before our head-first dive into Scorpio, shall we? Wink wink.

Friday and Weekend Luna: The Moon leaves Virgo at 3:12pm and wanders untethered until she enters Libra on Sunday at 1:45am. Friday evening and all day Saturday are good for parties and socializing, but keep the pressure off and the mood light. Enjoy some spaciousness. La Luna is now the Crone, almost invisible again. She has given of herself tremendously in this last Moon cycle, undergoing transformation at both the New Moon Solar eclipse and the Full Moon/Supermoon Lunar eclipse. She is quieting now, returning to herself. She is in Libra, with Mercury and the Sun, promoting balance, beauty and artistic living.

Crone Moon tells us to shed that which no longer serves. She shows us how to release attachments to both the past and the future. She prepares herself for the next cycle by going within, by disappearing completely from external view. The New Moon will be here on Monday the 12th, a new palette for our creation, but for now we can just rest.

Shhh….Breathe deeply and take it all in. Tap into the source that speaks to you, the one that fills you so completely that you yourself become the fountain of living water.

Walk with Luna, she knows the way.



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