Cindy Anne’s View on Masturbation

11987067_10206602460074408_5567230478543227584_nMy definition of masturbation is: the art of self-satisfaction through discovering and touching ones genitals.

Though my definition and most dictionaries definition differ slightly, I think we both have similar ideas. I prefer my definition as it has the word discovering in it.

I believe that masturbation is the perfect self-discovery tool. Betty Dodson had it right when she started her famous masturbation circles in the 1970’s. Do you remember the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes?

I believe that for me to help guide my partner and ask for what I want, I first need to know what it is that works well for my body.

Women’s bodies are structured in such a way that we cannot look down and see our genitalia. Go get a mirror! Get a nice hand held mirror and take a peek. Look at all the beautiful colors and folds. Truly discover every nook and cranny of this body that you live in!

Next, with our without the mirror, begin to touch yourself. Move your fingers slowly around your labia, lightly stroke your clitoris. Slide a finger into your vaginal opening. This is your body! It is your responsibility to know the form in which you live! It is your responsibility to learn what brings your body physical pleasure.

I believe that masturbation creates confidence. When I know my body, I know a part of myself. The physical part is the easiest part to know.

Once you get to know your physical self, you have the confidence to explore your emotional and spiritual self.

So ladies, please masturbate!

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