Critical Self Talk

shhhWhy is it we talk negatively to ourselves, about ourselves?

I have noticed that negative self talk can have an almost addictive quality. Once I get started it is hard to quit. One negative thought about myself leads to another.

My brain quickly looks for proof in what I have said negatively about myself.

If I tell myself what I feel is a negative attribute, my brain will quickly give me 10 reasons to back that negative attribute up. The particular negative attribute then becomes not just a feeling but a fact, in my mind, because I have 10 examples of why it is true.

There are many tools that I have seen over the years to help combat negative self talk. I am most curious though, about what tools you have used that work best for you.

What do you do when negative self talk infects your mind? What have you found is the quickest way to stop the madness and negative chatter?

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