New Moon Report for Monday 10/12/15

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New Moon Report for Monday 10/12

The Libra Moon is reborn today at 5:06pm PDT, and she goes void at the exact same time. In a way, you could say she goes “extra dark.” This is an exciting New Moon, as she is in opposition (with the Libra Sun) to Uranus retrograde in Aries.

Ok – time out. We’re going to talk about Uranus a lot today, so let’s have a little convo about pronunciation. Uranus, god of the Sky and ruler of Aquarius, is often laughed at in our American English language. I call him “YURahn-nus,” but I’ve also heard “YurAHN-us” as a correction pronunciation. It’s not “Yer-anus.” That’s for twittering middle-schoolers, like my youngest teenalien. He doesn’t give a “rat’s arse” about astrology (or my opinions)…..yet 😉

Uranus is our planet of liberation, awakenings, freedom and creative genius. He fosters humanitarian action, innovation, progressive thinking and change. His energy is radical, rebellious and quirky. He takes 84 years to orbit the Sun; we are lucky if we see him revolve full circle in our lifetimes. This century, his complete dance in Aries spans from 5/27/10 to 3/6/19 (with dips in and out of Pisces and Taurus, respectively, on either end).

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac; he is the fire-starter! Bold, individualistic and driven, Aries is here to get things going, set the cycle in motion. He represents the individualized self and the ego. As Uranus travels through his abode, there is a core desire to break free from repressive constructs, stifling relationships, restrictive patterns and limiting beliefs. This is happening on a personal level, starting with the “Me” and going against the grain, against the mainstream and the force-fed answers for superficial happiness. This collective individualistic energy is creating a turning of the tide….and the spotlight is on the value of self-discovery and personal change to facilitate planetary wellness. This is good, people! We are ready for this!

Folks who have their natal Sun in a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), natal Uranus in a cardinal sign, or natal Chiron in Aries will be feeling the effect of the Uranus in Aries transit more intensely. It’s worth taking a look at your chart. For free charts, I like and – they are both very easy and reputable sites to use.

Back to Luna.

We are layering a New Moon cake right now, and here’s the next layer:

Uranus is retrograde in Aries from 7/26/15 to 12/25/15. Retrogrades encourage us to internalize the energy of the retrograde planet (Uranus). The sign the retrograde planet is transiting in is experiencing increased activation (Aries). The house in our natal charts which corresponds to that sign (e.g. Aries rules my 11th House of friends & community) is also revitalized and energized. Often, we can discover a lot during a retrograde and then manifest our new ideas and revelations more easily after the planet stations direct. Think of the tides pulling back into the Ocean before the waves get stronger. That is the power of a retrograde. Uranus retrograde in Aries is asking us to listen, really listen, to guidance around how to set ourselves free.

And now we layer on the Moon!

La Luna is only opposite Uranus for a couple of days (10/11-10/13), but her combined energy of being reborn as New and joining the Sun in Libra during this opposition, makes for a pivotal time. The craving for freedom might now feel like a need as basic as air, water, food and shelter. Confining dynamics are at a prime breaking point. There might be tension or a very real avoidance of certain issues in an effort to avoid a blow-out. There is vulnerability here, and a need for a clear mind.

Slow down before confrontation or impulsive action. Notice your blind spots. Listen to your inner guidance. Breathe….breathe and notice the thoughts, emotions and impulses. You don’t have to negate anything. Everything you are experiencing is valid. You have permission to create your dreams as you see fit. By adding AWARENESS to the promptings of your soul, you stand a much better chance at steering your life in a progressive direction, one that leads to your personal joy and self-fulfillment AND the collective greater good. What now feels heavy can become light.

The Sun in Libra is promoting harmony and synergy. The Virgo forces at large (Venus, Mars and Jupiter) are promoting focused attention to matters of health and home. Let the New Moon’s opposition to retrograde Uranus in Aries be received in this context. Creative and original thinking is key to expressing this desire for change in a way that supports instead of destroys.

Tuesday Luna:

La Luna will wander in the void until Tuesday afternoon (10/13) when she will enter seductive Scorpio at 2:38pm PDT.

The cauldron of our intentions is brewing in preparation for Samhain (Halloween), and our Sun himself will soon enter Scorpio (on 10/23) before our next Full Moon (on 10/27). This is Scorpio season, my friends, and a little trepidation comes along with it. The Scorpion is a magician and a witch, she embraces the darkness to discover the light. Saturn (planet of structure and discipline) recently ended his 2-plus year plunder through Scorpio, and now that he taking his long stroll with confident and jovial Sagittarius, many of us are breathing a sigh of relief. But we must dive deep to find pearls, and we must uncover the layers of hidden truth to set ourselves free. The New Moon becoming crescent while residing in Scorpio is a time to dive into esoteric wisdom and cultivate your magick.

Wednesday to Saturday Luna:

Scorpio releases Luna at 5:58pm on Wednesday (10/14) and she will wander in between signs until Friday pre-dawn, when she will enter Sagittarius at 2:18am. This will make for some fun and adventurous Moon energy this weekend. The Archer is ruled by Jupiter, he is optimistic, he seeks experience and discovery from a place of joy and zest for life. Of all the signs, this one most closely gives me a sense of the Angelic realm. Laugh! Play! Love! Don’t hold back. Forgive easily and freely. The Dance is happening, how lucky are we to be in it! Set your mind and heart ablaze with that which you love – you hold the bow and arrow.

Sunday Luna:

Our goddess of the Night goes void Sunday morning at 1:48am until 11:52am, when she lands in Capricorn for a dose of Earth-medicine. Reliable and sensible, Capricorn says “here’s your to-do list, get to it.” She has the ambition to help you manifest your ideas through action. She tells us to utilize the tools we have in our tool-belt, and if we need more tools, let’s go get them. She’s the opposite of helpless, and like Virgo, she wants us to get to work. Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo are welcoming this Lunar push from the Goat – creating tangible results is very gratifying to the Earth signs.

We are being asked to build something. What is it? Can we allow the energies of our Solar system to guide us and support us?

As an experiment, you might want to sit in stillness for a few minutes this week, imagining the experience of the New Moon. Yes, imagining that you yourself ARE the New Moon. You start out dark, invisible, without form. Slowly, your light emerges as you pass out of the Earth’s shadow. You are filling yourself with all that you want to experience, nothing less, nothing more. There is room for decision-making: a thought, sensation, emotion, memory shows up. Valid. It’s there whether we want it or not. We can ask ourselves: “Do I WANT this to be part of my experience in this Moon cycle?” Yes? Great! No? Can we let it go or is it sticking around? Where does that lead? As a spiritual warrior, you have tools, guides and Teachers to support you in creating the life of your dreams. Open yourself to the mystery. Soften your grip on “reality” by quieting the mind, there is no need to escape the experience of Being.

Blessings on your individual journeys, dear ones.

I’ll check in with you next week before the 2nd Quarter Moon on 10/20.

Here’s your adventures! xxo


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