Lunar Luminations 10/20/15 to 10/26/15

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Lunar Luminations

10/20/15 to 10/26/15

Tuesday 10/20

Luna begins her 2nd Quarter today at 1:31pm PDT, at which point she goes void in Capricorn until she enters Aquarius at 6:38pm. Let the earthy and directed energy of Capricorn carry you through the afternoon. Re-calibrate and tune into where you are at now. How are your plans/projects coming along, what is changing, what is in your domain of responsibility and choice? It is always good to check in and let that which does serve just fall away. At 2nd Quarter we are given pause; when we look at the waxing half Moon we see progress and possibility. As a reflection of the Autumn season, we can look ahead at the necessity of clearing the debris of our lives like falling leaves so we can take the time to regenerate and dig our roots deep underground through the Winter.

Like thoughts, both our conscious and unconscious intentions are steering the boat, carrying us through this experience of existing.

If my intention is to enjoy greater prosperity, but I am also resisting looking at my bank account or enjoying what I have or getting excited about my sense of purpose – I might not manifest that experience easily. So check in, on whatever is going on for you, and at the same time know that you don’t have to do anything at all to become a better person or a better version of yourself, and by quitting that thought you give yourself freedom and room to breathe. Play with your freedom! You are innocent and beautiful as you venture in and out of realizing who and what you are.

When Luna enters Aquarius this evening, our ideas and desires are apt to have some sparkle and fun. Aquarius moves quickly, he is revolutionary and transformative. He is ruled by Uranus, the “disruptive healer” – he brings necessary change for the greater good. Aquarius rules the universal 11th House of community, inspiration and collective vision. While La Luna dances with the Water Bearer, we can pick up on that avant-garde assertiveness, and the joy in individual expression and unique ideas. I think it is highly possible that humanity will collectively “crack the code” of enlightenment during the Aquarian Age!

Wednesday 10/21

Luna is in Aquarius all day long, relish in it!

Thursday 10/22

Mercury in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn at 2:19pm PDT. A square is a challenging configuration that can promote growth when utilized in a positive way. If conflict arises today, can we let it go? Is it worth raising our cortisol levels and taxing our adrenals? If an issue needs to be addressed, if a line needs to be drawn, can we do so with a calm head and self-respect?

La Luna ends her time with Aquarius by creating a trine with the late Libra Sun at 9:22pm PDT, which offers supportive energy and a clear path. Luna then jumps into the waters of Pisces at 10:18pm. The yin Moon in yin Pisces is extra sensitive, extra intuitive, extra loving and kind. As we are ending the Piscean Age, the gift of forgiveness and love that has been raining upon us for thousands of years is becoming impossible to ignore, we are running out of excuses for our wars, and more and more of us are accepting the gift. Forgiving ourselves in all our shadows and light. Becoming the Forgiver. Moon in Pisces brings this message out, especially when there is a strong connection supporting this kind of tenderness. When there isn’t safety/support, Pisces will often escape into intoxicants and fantasies to avoid harshness and suffering. The Fish are ruled by Neptune, God of the Sea and ruler of the psychic realm. A strong Piscean influence can feel overwhelming because of the heightened sense of compassion and empathy. Dive down deep and swim. Remember to breathe.

Friday 10/23

Venus in Virgo will aspect a harmonizing trine with Pluto in Capricorn at 12:38am PDT. Manifestation is the name of the game with this earth-based trine. Venus is resting and recharging in Virgo, doing self-care. She is not at her strongest or most brilliant. But Pluto is all about transformation and he rules the 8th House of “sex, death and taxes” as my fabulous astrology teacher ( calls it. As the outer most planet, Pluto is in Capricorn for a very long time (from 2008-2024 this century). Restructuring and rebuilding are the name of the game while Pluto etches his course through Capricorn. Venus trine Pluto is discerning and perceptive, with an appetite for growth and improvement.

THEN, the Sun enters Scorpio at 10:47am! Here we are, magickal creatures of the night and of the light! Scorpio herself is ruled by Pluto, she is Persephone of the underworld. She learns the art of sex and seduction, she becomes the keeper of secrets. Demonizing and shaming her does not make her go away – no, no. But it does make her angry. This is that time, before the “family holidays” when we can let ourselves roam, play in our shadows, and honor the full spectrum of our humanity. Scorpio is highly intuitive, and naturally drawn to esoteric studies and practices.

One piece of very good news about this year’s Sun in Scorpio is that Saturn (the planet of restriction) has finally moved on into Sagittarius, so this ride through Scorpio should feel lighter and calmer than the last two Scorpio seasons. Those with dominant Scorpio influences likely feel less burdened and restricted overall.

Saturday 10/24

La Luna in Pisces opposes Mars in Virgo at 4:18am PDT, and then she is void all day until stepping into the fire of Aries at 11:22pm. The sensitivity of Luna opposite the aggressive nature of Mars can easily spark conflict, so keep an eye on your reaction buttons. Slip in some extra breathing throughout the day. Mars rules Aries, so when Luna enter this domain she herself becomes the fire-starter, the initiator. This has the potential to gives us all kinds of “go for it” energy. The trick is to utilize this energy to further us with projects we have already begun and intentions we have set.

Also, we can celebrate today because Mercury in Libra leaves the retrograde shadow and we are back in full forward-motion as far as our ability to deal with issues surrounding the universal 7th House of relationships (ruled by Libra). It is important to also look at which house is ruled by Libra in our natal charts, and notice what areas of life we are being called to focus on while Mercury finishes its run in Libra before joining the Sun in Scorpio on the night of November 1st. Mercury is done with its retrograde tricks until December 19th, when it will enter the next pre-shadow phase.

Sunday 10/25

Venus in Virgo is conjunct Jupiter in Virgo at 1:03pm PDT. This won’t be as dramatic as the big Venus/Jupiter conjunction we had back in July, the one that got tagged as “the Star of Bethlehem.” Both Venus and Jupiter are in a weakened state while in the sign of Virgo. Mars is also in Virgo, and he is cruising with the focused energy of Virgo, ruler of the 6th House of health, work and service. Mars can turn into a bit of a workaholic in Virgo. Can we keep our drive going and take care of ourselves at the same time? Can we relax the criticism from our minds, even as we go, go, go?

Monday 10/26

La Luna draws a final aspect in opposition to Mercury at 5:25am PDT, and then she will remain void for the rest of the day. Moon in Aries says “Me first!” and “Green light, go!” But in opposition to Mercury (in Libra), it is best to give pause. There is no need to rush or make hasty decisions. Let this energy pass, for the time of harvest is upon us!

Our sweet Moon will enter earthy, feminine, sensual and pleasure-loving Taurus at 11:07pm. The Full Moon is Tuesday morning at 5:05am PDT.   We are now one complete Moon cycle out from the last Full Moon/Lunar eclipse in Aries. Can you tap back into the magick that you felt that night or around that time? That fiery, self-starting energy of the Aries Supermoon eclipse can now be honed into the earth, into the body, into material expression. This expression, this deepening, might be internal or external, or both. It can be experienced in partnership, in community, or alone. Some kind of ritual to honor the body is highly encouraged at this Full Moon. Taurus rules the 2nd House of self-worth and value. The body calls for love! The body calls for listening. The body has every right to its preferences, to its healing, to its delights.

Namaste, dear Moon-friends.



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