Your Oxygen Mask First


As we go into fall, the change of the leaves reminds me that the holiday season is around the corner.

My calendar is already filling up with PTA, business meetings and weekend social activities this doesn’t even include sporting events or play practice.

The days are getting shorter and I am desiring to sleep longer. Yet, my calendar seems to have less available free time for lazing about.

As my girlfriend was asking when we could do coffee I found an available time 10 days out!

I realized that today is the day that I schedule a couple of hours of me time each week from now until the end of the year. This is not time to fill in with overflow. This is not time to get that much needed shopping done. NO! This is time set aside for a walk, for that long phone call with your girlfriend, for a bath with the door locked (if you must, at a friend’s house), to sneak an hour or two reading that book that has been whispering your name while the kids/deadline/boss is screaming at you.

Go grab your calendar right now and schedule in time each week for yourself from today until the end of the year. You will thank me and yourself later.

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