30 Day Writing Challenge – Introducing Esther Fink


I am part of a 30 day writing challenge with Esther Fink. Esther is on the ‘Girlfriends’ page in www.agirlsroom.com. I have worked with her for a couple of months and have found her smooth coaching style to be a nice match for my personality. She is upbeat and gives great support.

Below is a creative writing piece I wrote for Esther’s 30 day challenge:

She had spent a lifetime of struggle.

Each morning she awoke and looked in the sky and said to herself, today will be my day. She would go to sleep at night wondering why the day had been so full of strife and trouble. She longed for ease, she longed for beauty in her war torn life. She was losing hope as she grew older with each day. The hope of change, the hope of something better, the hope of something different.

One day she woke up and again looked in the sky and said to herself, today will be my day. She felt a sense of lightness as she went outside. She put her hand out to feel the temperature of the day. The sun was angled in such a way that it appeared as though it were a ball of magic in her hand. It was at that moment that she realized, the beauty was right there with her. It had been with her all along. She only needed to acknowledge its existence before she could see that it was there.

Though the struggles in her life did not change, her attitude did.  Her day to day continued. Instead of seeing the problems however, she started to see the solutions.

She started noticing where she could be of service versus feeling she needed services.

She became the great light in her own war torn life.

Cindy Anne

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