Lunar Luminations Week of 10/27-11/2

2015-08-26 11.50.03 (1)

Dearest Moonlings,

First and foremost, breathe in and know that you are Loved beyond measure by a power that is beyond explanation. Also, know that you are that Love.

As we cycle through our lives, through our seasons, weeks, days and moments, we play out a grand design of expression and story-telling. Each of us walking our path, living out a specific reason for Being Here. Each a drop in the same Ocean.

Our personal astrology can be seen as both our blueprint and our filter. It is not the be all and end all, but it can be very useful. Looking at our natal chart, we can get a sense of how or why we “are the way we are.” In looking at current planetary transits, we can get a sense of what we’re dealing with now and adjust our course as we see fit.

Read on with the utmost kindness to yourself and knowledge that if at any time you forget what Love feels like – It will remember for you and not judge you in the slightest for forgetting.

We are here to remember.

Tuesday 10/27:

The Full Moon in Taurus is exact at 5:05am PDT. Tuesdays are ruled by Mars, which adds to the passion of the day. Taurus is sensual Earth and ruled by Venus. Mars is dry Fire and very male. He gives us physical energy and a desire for action. The Moon is exalted in Taurus – you could say she is at her most “yummy.” And when she is Full in Taurus? Ooh, la la – that’s like double exaltation. Today is a good day for doing the things that make you feel delicious.

At 7:07am Venus in Virgo opposes Chiron who is traveling retrograde (with Neptune) in Pisces. Venus is love/art/beauty and she is restricted in Virgo. Chiron represents healing old wounds, and his entire run through Pisces lasts from April 2010 – April 2018. During this time, the empathetic and compassionate water energy of Pisces is being offered to us, like a bath to wash our wounds, to find our path of healing. In opposition to Venus in Virgo, extra attention may surround the physical and practical ways that we can support our healing. More sleep, anyone? Self-care can take many forms. The key, says Virgo, is to do it regularly, not just once in a while as an indulgence.

At 6:23pm, Venus in Virgo is busy again, this time forming an inconjunct aspect with Uranus, who is retrograde in Aries. This is strong, but challenging energy; challenging because we are dancing to different rhythms with these two planets. Venus rules Libra and Taurus – the universal 7th House of significant others & partnerships and the universal 2nd House of values & self-worth, respectively. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, who presides over the universal 11th House of friends & community. Venus is the lover and the giver and the divine feminine. Uranus is transcendence and liberation, with a healthy dose of rebellion giving him an individualized approach to life. These two are each plowing their own land simultaneously, and it may feel a bit like rubbing the tummy and patting the head at times. This aspect draws attention to their differences and asks that both planets get their needs met. Looking at what sign/house both Venus and Uranus reside in on your natal chart will make all of this planetary action personal.

Wednesday 10/28:

La Luna in Taurus goes void at 8:20am, as she creates a harmonious trine with Mars in Virgo. She remains void all day, but as she is exalted in Taurus, this void isn’t one that will wreak havoc. Still, void Moon is not the time to sign your name in blood, so to speak…

Luna will frolic into Gemini at 11:24pm, and yep, you guessed it – it’s time to play, especially if you enjoy the cerebral realm. Communication is heightened while the inner (Moon) consorts with restless and breezy energy of Gemini, the Twins.

Thursday 10/29:

Thursday is “Thor’s Day” and is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wealth. This adds a generous and benevolent dimension to what is happening.

At 11:11am PDT, La Luna in Gemini squares Neptune, who is retrograde in Pisces. The Moon makes many aspects with other planets throughout the day almost every day – but the timing of this square asks us to pay attention. Communicative Moon in Gemini is in a hard aspect with dreamy and spiritual Neptune who is swimming deep in his own waters as he retrogrades in Pisces. How can we express something about the inner journey today? Journaling? Having a connected conversation? Neptune also supports sound-healing, so music and song-writing can be very good today.

Friday 10/30:

On Friday, at 2:06pm, the Scorpio Sun will trine retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Both Scorpio and Neptune are extremely mystical, and when the Sun’s fire meets the water of Pisces there is magick with this kind of trine is flowing. So, while illusion runs high in preparation for Samhain, we have this whimsical and transcendental energy flowing between Neptune and the Sun, saying “Carry on!”

La Luna in Gemini takes her void at 7:52pm when she makes a final trine with Mercury in Libra. This is a sweet and harmonious expression, as the Moon (inner) is in talkative Gemini who is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury itself is in Libra’s weighing hands, supporting balance in areas of communication. This entire weekend can be a good time to “talk it out” if there are things to address. Just remember, the time of entering the unknown is upon us, for at midnight tonight, Samhain is here….

Saturday 10/31:

La Luna enters Cancer at 2:09am. This is her domicile, she is at home as the ruler of the sensitive Crab. Our instinctual nature craves safety and security, home and family. To be in a Cancer Moon at the time of Samhain adds to the poignancy. 10/31-11/2 is the time to celebrate Day of the Dead, beginning with Halloween/Samhain on 10/31. The veil between realms of the living in form and the living without form is considered to be thinnest at this time. Communing with spirits is possible, but you may easily be caught up in the distractions of illusions if you are unaware of yourself. Setting aside extra time for sleep and dreams is advised.

Sunday 11/1:

Today is Day 2 of Dia de los Muertos, also known as All Saint’s Day. Spirits of deceased loved ones are invited to visit, to hang out, to commune.

Daylight Savings ends today, so 2am PDT becomes 1am PST, Woohoo! I like the immediate gratification of an extra hour of sleep, although of course this will mean a marked increase in the darkness factor. There is a feeling that we are turning a corner, and the claws of Winter are reaching for us, calling us home.

Luna goes void at 7:35pm PST (have you adjusted your clocks yet??) when she sextiles Mars for one final aspect in Cancer. Let your inner guidance steer you in the direction of greatest ease and greatest energy. No need to resist that tide.

As a grand finale for this weekend, Mercury enters Scorpio this evening at 11:06pm. After residing for an extra while in “let’s get along” Libra, brainy and inquisitive Mercury is now diving into deep water with its launch into Scorpio. The energy of Scorpio is intense and opaque, some things are hidden from view. You are entering a secret society to commune with Scorpio, including communion with the Scorpio within yourself. For the next 3 weeks we have the planet of rational mind (Mercury) playing in the often/sometimes irrational domain of Scorpio. This can be a time for connecting with our deeper and “darker” desires. This can be a time of discovering secrets. This can be a time of shining lights on hidden areas of our psyche, areas that need growth or rest or healing. Remember, Mercury rides closest to the Sun, so it has the ability to shine the light of the intellect upon any sign it is consorting with or any house it is riding through.

Monday 11/2:

La Luna enters Leo at 7:48am. Mondays are the Moon’s days, she is their ruler. Her power today combined with the creative confidence of Leo will give today is certain shine. Our inner self (Moon) can tap into the expressive self (Leo) with the dignity and self-worth of the Lion at the helm.

November 2nd is also known as All Soul’s Day, a beautiful time to visit the graves of our loved ones in tradition with Dia de los Muertos.

At 5:10pm, Venus in Virgo becomes conjunct with Mars in Virgo, both occupying 24 degrees Virgo 02 minutes. This is the third conjunction of Venus and Mars in 2015. When Venus and Mars come together like this, we have love and beauty merging with energized desire. This creates – you guessed it – Passion! The Moon is waning, so is less about new relationships and projects and more about that which is maturing, that which has been with us for some time. Virgo likes the details, and getting things done, so this conjunction of Venus and Mars could easily be channeled into getting a lot of work done. Regardless of how you utilize this energy, know that there is a wealth of support being offered here, especially since Jupiter is also nearby in Virgo, adding favor wherever he roams.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will bring the 4th Quarter Moon at 4:24am. She wears her Crone mask for this final part of her dance, before her Shamanic radiance shapeshifts again, transforms again, renews again.

Peace and Love

Magickal Moon blessings, xo


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