The Smell of Autumn


The Smell of Autumn

As I type this my husband is making an apple crisp.

The smell reminds me of many of my childhood memories on fall days.

My aunt made the best apple crisp ever. A pie like crust on the bottom, chunky cinnamon apples in the middle with an amazingly light crisp drizzled with frosting on the top. So delicious! What does this have to do with sensualism? What does this have to do with exploring your most intimate self?


Scent is an amazing way to recall memories. Think about that time. That one time when you were so happy. What do you smell? Do you smell apple crisp? Or do you smell the must of the woods? Take a moment to fully remember the memory. Enjoy the sensations in your body.

The smell of something can immediately transport you back to a place in your past. With this knowledge, as you are exploring what you love, find a scent that works for you. A scent that you love. It can be in candle form, oils, hair products, flowers, foods, musk, or perfumes, just to name a few. Find that scent, use that scent when you want to mark a memory.

Ramblings of a Master Sensualist~

Cindy Anne

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