7 ways to Celebrate The month of Thanksgiving


November is the official month of Gratitude. Though I practice Gratitude each and every day, the month of November is a good time to harness the extra energy of others who are taking time to be in Gratitude each day for this very special month of Thanksgiving.

  • Show Gratitude for the earth that sustains us by caring a personal cup every day for the month of November.
  • Join a group or ask a friend to partner with you to give five gratitude’s each day for the next 30 days.
  • Send a card to someone you know who could really use the extra kindness right now.
  • Do anonymous acts of kindness.
  • Get out a piece of paper and count your blessings…..literally list all of what you are grateful for. How many blessings can you name?
  • Tell a different someone something nice about them, each day for the next 30 days.
  • Look in the mirror each morning and say thank you to the you that is within!

I hope these little big ideas help you enjoy and spread Gratitude this month and for many months to follow!

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