Lunar Luminations 11/3 – 11/6

2015-08-26 11.50.03 (1)

Dear children of the Moon and Stars!

We are going deeper into Autumn, deeper into “The Fall” so to speak, deeper into Scorpio and our own underworld.

Maybe you communed with deceased loved ones over the weekend.  Maybe you pondered your own mortality, remembering that we are here for such a short time as this identity and POOF! – gone when our time calls us home.

Mercury joined the Sun in Scorpio on Sunday evening (11/1), turning the intellect toward matters of depth, intensity and hidden desires.  Universally, Scorpio rules the 8th house of Sex, Death and Transformation.  For individual understanding, pay attention to the house (or houses) ruled by Scorpio in your natal chart, for that is where Mercury and the Sun are transiting now….adding light, adding life, adding abundance (Sun), and adding scrutiny, fact-checking and adaptability (Mercury).

Let’s dive into this week:

Tuesday, November 3

We began this morning with the 4th quarter Moon, which was exact at 4:24am PST.  She is in Leo as she begins her Crone phase, dazzling radiance as she communes with the wise elder within herself.  Honoring our divinity is paramount right now.  That which does not feed us or fuel us will not seem attractive today.  Other things may be breaking down around us, but there is a sense of self that will not be sabotaged.

At 5:46pm today, La Luna’s final major aspect in Leo is a harmonizing trine with Uranus, which sparks creativity and a desire to try something new.  She is then void in Leo until she enters Virgo tomorrow evening.

Remember that Venus made her conjunction with Mars yesterday evening (11/2) at 5:10pm PST, the third and final Venus/Mars union of 2015.  We usually only experience a Venus/Mars conjunction about once every two years, but roughly every 18 years there is a 9 month period which will contain 3 of these special unions between the yin planet of love and the yang planet of self.  We often think of these celestial “hook-ups” as a metaphor for our romantic relationships, and while this is certainly true (especially on the level of deep soul connections) the fundamental influence is about our connection with self, and our ability to love and nurture the self (as Venus lovingly nurtures Mars).

For your records, the 1st Venus/Mars conjunction of 2015 occurred on 2/22 at 9:03pm PST in ARIES, the 2nd was on 8/31 at 10:04pm PDT in LEO, and the 3rd was on 11/2 at 5:10pm PST in VIRGO.

Things to look at with this current conjunction:

-Virgo rules the universal 6th house of health and service.  Look at issues going on in your 6th house.

– More importantly, what house does Virgo rule in your natal chart?  That is where Venus and Mars (and Jupiter) are transiting.

– Mars rules Aries and is the traditional ruler of Scorpio.  If your Rising sign or Sun sign is in Aries or Scorpio, you are receiving tremendous support right now from Venus.

– For all of us: How is the Mars in you (the fire, the drive, the sexuality) being supported by the Venus in you (the sensual nature, the loving and harmonious nature)?

– Remember that Jupiter is also in Virgo, expanding and enhancing the power and energy of this Mars/Venus conjunction!

Wednesday, November 4

The Moon is void, so don’t buy a new car, sign important contracts or propose marriage today – at least until 6:22pm when she will enter Virgo, joining the parade of Jupiter, Mars and Venus.  The Virgo Moon is fastidious, health and work-oriented, but also very much about caring for loved ones.  She knows what’s best for everyone and can act selflessly for this cause.  By nature, Virgo is more of a giver than a receiver.  It takes something special to get a Virgo turned on and she can be, at times, difficult to please.  Virgo is Mutable Earth, grounded but adaptable, and she is ruled by Mercury along with Gemini.  My astrology teacher ( and I keep having these conversations about Virgo needing a modern ruler, as the Mercury ruling doesn’t seem to encompass her completely.  I’d probably vote for Pluto, to the chagrin of astronomers who have demoted Pluto to the category of “dwarf planet.”  If you have an opinion, please let me know!  I dig innovation.

Thursday, November 5

La Luna is doing her work in Virgo, and this morning she experiences a harmonious sextile with Mercury in Scorpio at 5:12am PST, then a more challenging opposition with Neptune in Pisces at 8:36am PST.  The Moon aspects with other planets happen rather quickly, as she moves much more quickly around the constellations from our Earth perspective.  Her sextile to Mercury in Scorpio can give the intellect (Mercury) and the emotional self (Moon) a chance to convene and stir up some new ideas or inspirations.  Her opposition to Neptune (still retrograde) in Pisces might bring about a feeling of frustration with the limitation of fantasies, a discomfort with living in the body, or even a deep disappointment in the collective discord among humanity.  Breathe deep and go easy on yourself and anyone who crosses your path today.

The Sun in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn today at 8:01pm PST.  The 60 degree separation of a sextile aspect is great for new beginnings — with people, with projects, with ideas.  Sun is purpose and life essence; in Scorpio he leaves no stone unturned as he seeks answers to guide him through this season.  Pluto represents transformation, which is why he rules the sign of Scorpio and the 8th house!  In Capricorn, Pluto has his nose to the grindstone – there is work to be done if change can happen.  Capricorn is Cardinal Earth, she rules the 10th house of discipline and order, and she has been taming Pluto since January of 2008.  Her work with Pluto is far from over – he remain in her domain until January 2024.  We can use the energy of this sextile to sweeten the heaviness of the soul work we are doing, but also to dig deeper and reignite our passion for self-discovery.

Friday, November 6

At 5:39am this morning, Mercury in Scorpio creates a positive trine with Neptune in Pisces.  The Scorpio Sun experienced this same trine with Neptune last week on Friday 10/30.  Now we have Scorpionic Mercury – inquisitive, uncovering, diving to the depths of the intellect – aligning itself with Neptune, who himself rules the very sign he is retrograding backwards in.  Dreams at this time are telling and aligned with inner wisdom.  Musings, creative writing, visionary art and ideas – all of these things are encouraged today and into this weekend.  You may feel a strong urge to stay home today, take a break from the intensity and noise of the world.  As much as possible, honor your inner promptings.  The quietest voice inside is the one with sage advice.  Sit in stillness if you can, upon awakening this morning.  Let the mind wander and drift and slow down into a space of letting go.  Accomplish nothing, if only for 3-5 minutes this morning.

La Luna is still in fastidious Virgo, and she will begin her dance with the other three residents of Virgo by first forming a conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of kindness and abundance, at 6:04am PST.  Her conjunctions with Mars and Venus will happen within the next 24 hours.  A Moon/Jupiter conjunction is bound to feel playful, even in under Virgo’s watchful gaze.  It might feel a little like the day that Mary Poppins takes the whole crew to another magical realm to discover new ways of thinking and appreciating life – before returning back to the rain and running home to get warm and dry.

Luna will remain in Virgo until the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Her dance with Mars and Venus is coming right up!  Stay tuned for my Part 2 report to the forecast this week.

As a baby astrologer, I dive down so many rabbit holes to bring these astrological happenings to light in written form.  I’m as slow as they come, but learning all the way!

Thanks for reading, and look for a Part 2 report this Friday to carry you through to the New Moon coming up on Wednesday 11/11.

Peace, Peace, Peace

~ Solana

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