I am vulnerable. I am strong.


I went to yoga today (that in and of itself should be a blog post!), at yoga the instructor started with a mantra. The Mantra went something like this:
I am vulnerable. I am strong. I am vulnerable because I am strong.
As I lay on the mat the words penetrated my heart. What does this mean to be vulnerable and strong, being strong through vulnerability?
I thought about what vulnerable has been for me as a woman. How often I have felt vulnerable as in a physical threat to the predator, or what we refer to as men. I lay there and continued to ponder the word vulnerable and strong.
I released the definition that referred to the physical form and went on to the deeper meaning.
What came to me is this, when I am strong in my sense of self worth, when I am clear about who I am in the world and that I am worthy in every area, then I can be completely vulnerable with people. Then I can be my authentic self and not care what others think or believe. That is the place of pure strength and magic.
Being strong enough to be vulnerable is a very healthy place to be it would seem.

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