Best News Ever for the Week of 11/16/2015

Hi Everyone,

With all the horrific, tragic and all around sad and sensationalized news being beamed at us 24/7, we thought it might be nice to share with you a few good news stories every week you may have missed…

Mary Cotter 103 years old celebrates her birthday by volunteering in a senior center in a Wonder Woman costume no less.


A longtime volunteer of the Montclair (CA) Senior Center received a costume of her favorite superhero Wonder Woman from the staff of the center to honor the truly wonderful and wondrous woman she is!  Mary who lives alone drives to the center five times a week to volunteer. What a woman!

Driest Place On The Planet Is Currently Covered In Beautiful Flowers After Year Of Rain.

Credit: Mario Ruiz/EPA

Atacama Desert in Chile, known as the driest place on earth, saw over 14 years of rain fell in one year with the highest accumulation of 0.96 inches in one day…the result, this extraordinary bloom of beautiful pink flowers.

Preschool Couple Re-unites after 30 years. Ahhh Twue Wove.


Credit: Amy Giberson

Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders shared a childhood romance at Sunshine Preschool in St. Petersburg, Florida where they sat next to each other at lunch and played on the playground. Thirty years later, they met online.

It wasn’t until after a year of dating that the couple realized they had once been childhood sweethearts

Justin casually mentioned in conversation that he loved the name “Amy” because he had a crush on a girl named Amy in preschool. Once they made the connection that they had both attended Sunshine Preschool at the exact same time, Amy realized Justin’s crush might have actually been her.

“We asked our parents to dig up any preschool photos they had,” she says. “Justin’s mom found a photo of the two of us together and I just started crying, I was ecstatic. I was the Amy he had liked all those years ago! It was definitely meant to be.”



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