How to be Sunny even on a cloudy day


In the Great Northwest the season is defiantly changed!

With the increased cloudy stormy days I am finding that my mood is starting to match the weather. Some days even the Vitamin D doesn’t seem to be helping!

This last week of torrential downpours, winds that knocked out power to myself and numerous other people of western Washington, and total grey days with a chill factor that did not feel satisfactory, I found myself feeling down in the dumps.

Because of the extra time at home, power outage created cancellations; I took some extra time to meditate. During the stillness of my meditation I remembered that though the storm itself was happening at that moment it would be gone soon enough. I remembered that beyond the storm there is blue skies and sunshine that never leave.

The weather reminds me of my life. What is constant and always present is the blue sky and sunshine. What changes, comes and goes, departs eventually is the rain, tornadoes, snow, sleet, clouds and all the other atmospheric ‘disturbances’. This weather metaphor reminds me to hold onto that warm sunny place in my heart and to know that it is my constant and that the ‘storms’ in my life will come and go.

How do you handle the storms when they come? Do you get lost in the belief that the storm will always be there?

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