My Shero


I have decided that on the first day of each month I will tell you a little about my personal Shero. I am in hopes that I have a lifetime of once a month little snippets to tell you about this woman that I admire.

My Shero is a Jewish woman. My Shero spent her high school years at a Christian Academy on a small island in the state of Washington. My Shero married and had a son with a Muslim man.

My Shero is a beautiful being. My Shero does not care what religion a person is, she cares about what is in their heart. My Shero posted what she loves about Islam on her FB page every day from the point of the Isis attacks until the end of November. My Shero understands that it is not a religion that creates anger and hatred; it is a person that creates those traits.

I hope that over time, you will learn to see my Shero as I see her. A true hero amongst women!

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