How I stay inspired~~~

The dictionary says, “Inspiration is creativity that appears to come from an external source”; therefore, it is important for me to stay vigilant in regards to the information and data that I allow into my psyche.

As a woman in a leadership position I not only need to stay inspired it is my job to inspire others. Because of this, it is of utmost importance that I keep creativity flowing around me and through me at all times.

Being surrounded by creativity keeps my inspiration alive and constant even when I am feeling low.

One of the first things I have done to make sure that my inspirational juices continue to flow is to have a home that is full of art and reminders of people, places and things that inspire me. On my bedroom wall hangs a beautiful watercolor that is meant to be a flower but looks more like that place where life begins. Below this picture of divine creation I have placed my altar. On my altar are trinkets of personal importance as well as photos of my closest family and friends. Next to my bed hang two pictures; one is Durga, the other is the Virgin Mother. Above my bed hangs a huge photo of three women, two are playing chess while one sits watching. All 3 are in burlesque style costume, in a dressing room, apparently between acts. In the background is another woman putting makeup on at the mirror. This is a picture of beautiful women engaged in the intellectual game of chess while at the same time owning their physical beauty and grace in a sensual art of dance. When I wake up, I am surrounded and greeted by pictures and things that inspire me.

Throughout the rest of my home there are similar areas that inspire me. I have painted my kitchen ceiling in blocks of six bright colors. I had a huge tree painted on the wall next to my front door; we call it the En-Tree. A corner of the living room has a pink polka dot table holding a vintage orange typewriter. Next to that is a chaise lounge with a Kurt Vonnegut drawing looking over it all. There is a full map of Peru in my living room, as well as other pictures of people and places that inspire me. Mixed amongst these pictures are pieces of original art made by people I know and love. My dining room is my favorite. Each wall and the ceiling are canvases that are covered in eclectic and eccentric pieces. This is where I write best, sitting at my dining room table, surrounded by things I love, things that inspire me.

Another way for me to keep myself inspired is the people I allow into my life. I spend my time with women and men who inspire me. Of course, I totally understand that you can’t choose your family. However, you can choose who you spend your time with. It is important for me to constantly maintain an inner and outer circle of friends as well as a larger circle of acquaintances. This third circle I have less control over and it does not really affect me. My inner circle however is of utmost importance to my inspirational and creative processes. Who these people are and what they are doing in life directly reflects where I am in my life. Are they doing things that I admire? Are they doing things that I support or that make my mind and soul smile? As with any healthy garden, my inner circle of friends has times when it has needed weeding. I have found that sometimes friends from one circle move to another circle in the process of my growth. As a creative woman in leadership, my inner circle is of extreme importance to me. I need to be surrounded by people who keep me inspired. My outer circle is important too, just not as significant to me as my inner when it comes to keeping myself inspired.

One of the most important areas that I keep constant watch over is what I allow into my mind. To stay inspired and able to keep in the flow of all things, I do everything I can to guard what my mind is exposed to. I read books that fascinate me and push my growth versus novels that are, for me, like eating junk food. I learn about ancient teachings. I go to live performances of many kinds. I listen to all types of music. I watch films that are made as art. What do I keep out of my mind? What have I noticed kills my drive and flow? News, Sitcoms, Social Media. I understand that some of these things are necessary in this day and age AND I have learned that they stop me in my creative tracks. My mind is like a sponge, it is constantly taking in data. It is my job to be in control of what data I allow into my mind. My mind is my tool and I need to keep it clean at all times.

Because my life purpose is to inspire women to explore their most intimate selves, I look at every event, every situation, and every object as a source of inspiration. Keeping myself healthy and surrounding myself with people and things I love is how I stay inspired so that I can inspire you.


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