How Peru Began to Whisper in my Ear


Deciding to take my family to Peru for 6 months was a big choice that started over 10 years ago.

It was standing in front of Stonehenge that my first desire to go to Peru showed up. Looking at this wonder inspired me to want to see other wonders of the world and Machu Picchu was the first thing that came into my mind. I held that desire in my heart from that point forward.

Fast forward a number of years, in walks a nice man who asked me if I wanted to go anywhere in the world where would it be. I quickly explained to him my desire to see Machu Picchu. He did not understand why, if I could go anywhere in the world, I would pick Peru! To show me that I was not in my right mind, he took me to Italy and introduced me to Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Ischia and Pompeii. Of course, Pompeii was amazing for me.  We had a private tour guide that took us behind numerous locked doors but, it still did not fulfill my desire for Peru.

Enter into the story Jeff, four years ago. Like the beginning of many relationships we talked about our dreams and desires. Again, Machu Picchu came into the conversation. We talked about the wonders of the world and the important spiritual spots on the planet. We discussed my strong desire to see Machu Picchu and his desire to go to Australia. We took a trip that I had previously planned to The DR to get the magical stone Larimar. During that time we realized that together and as a family we are great travel companions.

In August of 2015 Jeff and I were married. As soon as all the planning of the wedding was complete we started discussing a trip to South America. The trip itself has morphed several times over. One of the important aspects that we had to address was our 10 year old son who has a biological father that is not Jeff. A long trip to South America, we thought, would be a great educational experience. We were not sure that G’s bio dad would agree. Happily, he did agree. As some of you know our son has some challenges and our big hope is that time away, learning new things, will help our son find his happy.

With helping G find his happy as our new primary mission we started to look at South America differently. The spiritual aspect that had first drawn me to the desire of Peru was soon replaced with, how can we best educate and help our son. We decided on a full school year away, September-June. We took G to see the iMax movie on the Galapagos. We talked to people we knew in Ecuador realizing that Ecuador is an easy place for Americans to live. Machu Picchu and Peru became secondary to Ecuador and helping our little man….That is, until I went to Vipassana in February of this year.

While sitting in silence for those 10/12 days, I had the opportunity to reconnect with my deep desire to follow my spiritual callings. I had been called to Peru not Ecuador. Yes, Machu Picchu was how I was first called but, it was the country itself that I could feel pulling me to her. I knew that Jeff had a distant relative who had ties to Peru. As soon as I got home, Sunday night, I asked Jeff for his relatives email. I sent a letter to this man asking if we could stay with him for an undetermined number of months. To my surprise he said YES! With this yes, Jeff and I began the planning of our journey to Peru.

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