A Penny in Peru


I thought my next blog would be on what it took to leave Seattle and get to Peru. Believe me when I say that the story is juicy and full of adventure. However, with all the adventure, deceit and planning that happened….the makings of a truly great novel, it is nothing compared to the spiritual growth and magic that has occurred since arriving in Yarinacocha.

The place that we are living is truly the Garden of Eden. Jeff has become Adam and I Eve.

Our first night in our hut the weather did for us the same as it has done on other momentous occasions. There was a HUGE storm. The thunder and lightning was that which I have never seen before. The noise of the thunder was ceaseless. The lightning kept the hut and sky continually light. The beating of the rain coming down on the thatched roof was even greater then when I was a child and visited a friend in a trailer during a rain storm in Seattle. The Gods were speaking again, there was no doubt. We had made the right choice. In the morning the garden was a river. Everything, including our spirits, had been cleansed. The sin and din of the States was well behind us and we were looking at our new life in the jungles of the Amazon living amongst a family of Shipibo people.

If you have ever lived or visited near the Equator you understand that the day is 12 hours and when night comes it arrives quickly. In our Garden there is very little power. Our hut had no power at all the first week we were here. The kitchen hut has two lightbulbs hanging from wires on the ceiling that serve as light between the hours of 6-12pm. For cooking there is a 4 burner propane cooktop that you might see in a glamping situation. Our drinking water is in in 5 gallon water jugs that we go into town, across the lake, to have filled. Our washing water comes from a catchment system and there is no heating or refrigeration system. Though I don’t usually use a washing machine or dishwasher in our home in the States, it is not because our home doesn’t have them, it is because laundry and dishes are not a chore I choose to do. Here I am washing our clothes myself and, as can be seen on the video at #agirlsroom, I am doing it by hand using what they refer to as soap berries. As well as having no lights, no machines, no hot water, no refrigeration and no flushing toilets we also have no phone system or internet.

Putting my family smack in the middle of a Garden in the Amazon Jungle with no conveniences of home has started to change us all. Our son, who is considered special needs by some, is finding his groove. He has lived with very high anxiety in the past. Here, where there are bugs everywhere and fun is climbing high, has started to become accustomed to that which has made him scream and cry in the past. My husband, who avoids feelings by being an excellent worker, has no internet or phone to distract him from the present moment. I am a perfectionist who needs order and sense and the jungle is teaching me to chill the fuck out and get over it! We are all learning to be in the present moment, accept what is and trust that all is well as it is.

Our feeling of calm did not happen overnight. As with many things there was a Rupture before the Rapture. Our rupture started before we even left our city. My husband’s ex wife decided she wanted to keep a connection between her and him so she served him with papers the night before we were to get on the plane. In my distracted state I left all of our passports and travel information on one of the planes we had flown on. Our son had numerous and continued melt downs that we have not had to deal with in a number of years. All this before we even landed in Peru! Then, once we got to our destination, there was the reality of having no modern conveniences, no bug spray that would keep the biting insects at bay, and critters that share our hut with us. We all took turns melting down our first week here.

And then, as if by magic, it did happen. Each of us started to find our happy. Finding a community pool with a flushing toilet helped. I think in all of my writings I forgot to mention that the temperature hovers around 90 with the humidity at about 100 until it finally rains. We are adjusting. We are seeing the beauty in it all. We named the tarantula that shares our hut instead of being frightened by it. We are grateful for the abundance of Mangos that are hitting our hut all night long versus caring about the noise all night long. My husband has become so creative in his cooking it is amazing. I am spending time teaching my son and learning new things. We are seeing the spiritual and enchantment of all that is. From this Garden in Peru I can see that each of us has a purpose. We are all on this planet for some reason. Logically I know that we are all one and here I can feel it. In this place creation happens overnight. Plants grow, questions are answered it is wonderful.

Now that you have an idea of what I am currently doing and where we are living, I want to leave you with the most magical and mystical story of all…

Once a week we go into town and stay at a hotel so that Jeff can use the internet for work and I can take a hot shower. This week we packed our clothes in the carry on and set out. The week prior to our night away Jeff had read East of Eden and I had listened to E-squared by Pam Grout. My thought upon listening to her words were, “what kind of miracle could I have out here? This place is pretty much a miracle.” I liked listening to her experiments though, because of all my years as a Religious Scientist, knew that what she said and did was accurate and that I didn’t really need a display but, deep down inside I wanted one. I wanted to see that The All wanted to communicate with me. Jeff and I had been having some very intense conversations about the next phase of our relationship and I wanted something to help me know I was on that right path. I wanted to see that I did the right thing bringing us to Peru. Anyway, the thought went out of my mind. I started to notice some of my character defects. I talked to Jeff about my feelings of lack in our life, about where we were out of partnership and about where I get financially miserly. In short, I started to think about my relationship with wealth. I meditated, talked and read my Tarot regarding the material world and where I live in it.

Now you have the background to what is about to happen.

After arriving back to our Garden from town this week our son wanted to get into the carryon bag to get out a souvenir he bought. Typical of his hurried style he opened the suitcase on our front porch and from the side of the suitcase that had his stuff, he opened the divider, got his toy and left. Jeff was in the kitchen hut putting away our supplies for the week. I opened our hut door to get the clothes out of the case. Sitting on top of the clothing was a coin. No big deal, in Peru much of the money is in coins. I picked up the coin. It did not look to be the color of one of the Peruvian coins. I looked at it. It looked like a one cent wheat head from the US yet different. It read one cent in English. I turned it over and there staring at me was an Indian. The date was 1905. This coin is in mint condition. I found Jeff and asked him if he put a coin into the carry on. He said no…..Where had this coin come from? What an odd thing. My husband was reading a book from the time period and I had been thinking about finances and what we would be doing when we return to the USA. This coin is a complete physical manifestation of the Universe speaking to me. I am loved and safe in this world. You are loved and safe in this world. I will continue to update you on how our lives our unfolding in Peru.


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