Jane of All Trades


When I was a teenager I first heard the term ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. It was used in a derogatory way however, I liked the idea.

To me, being the Jane of all trades seemed that I could get a taste of many things. I could do a little of a lot versus a lot of a little. As time went on a totally forgot about this concept. I spent my twenties trying to raise four children and be a ‘good’ housewife. I basically failed at it all. It was nice to try but that was definitely not my box. I then spent my thirties trying to discover who I was and find my one thing. Again, a failed project. I moved into my forties deciding I would create myself whoever and however I wanted to be. I had a job in marketing Senior Care and though I was no expert I truly loved what I was doing. Helping elders be as independent as they are able falls in in line with my life mission of Helping others help themselves, especially women. The universe must have seen I was beginning to get a little mastery in this field so IT helped me along by giving me an accident that stopped me, literally in my tracks. After my fall, and probably a little before, I started to fantasize about being famous. I mean really, who doesn’t fantasize about this? I bought some web sites. I started to write. I took some classes. I got a coach, or two. I sat back and fantasized about how I would have a famous web-site, book, business, retreat, whatever, and I would then have ‘it all’. The problem is, I couldn’t figure out what I was meant to do. I read books, went to classes, bitched, moaned, groaned and still no breakthroughs on who I was/am supposed to be! I was living in a perpetual world of envy and self-disapproval…

In this continued state of envy and self-disapproval and still trying to find myself, I requested that my little family spend one school year in S America traveling. My husband and our son’s bio father supported this request and off to Peru and Ecuador we went. When I left I had the focus of helping my son, bonding our little family of three, and figuring out how my husband and I could go into partnership. I mean, if I can’t find myself outside of our relationship maybe I could find my business self within our relationship! Can you see how I was still searching even a couple of months ago? We came up with plenty of great business ideas, food trucks, novelties, food bikes, restaurants. Do you see the theme? Guess what my husband does for a living? Yep, he is a restaurant consultant! I was still not seeing what my value and worth was. I still saw myself as nothing but support! Wait, what? I still saw myself as ONLY support? Who am I at my core? I am a supporter. What is my life mission? Helping others help themselves, especially women. Why is that an ONLY? Why is it bad in my mind that I am a supporter? Where did I decide that I had to be THE MASTERY of ONE thing? When did I decide I had to be THE EXPERT? This started to percolate within my being.

I am not sure why but I am the woman that wakes up in the morning with the ah-ha. Sleeping and being in an airplane are the times my brain connects to the ALL that Is. I woke up a couple of weeks ago and remembered the statement ‘Jack (Jane) of all trades, master of none’. All of a sudden I was able to give myself permission to be the I AM that I am. I am a supporter and that is good for the world. I am the master of no one thing but have tasted many and so have a larger world vision. I am an expert on being me and that is enough.

With my epiphany I decided that I am changing my personal blog page into an online women’s magazine. I am going to support many women in getting their message out in the world. I am going to help women who are Masters share their wisdom with other women. I will be helping women learn more and be more because they will have a place to go and get information from experts. YES! I get to be a supporter. I get to help others help themselves, especially women! More women means more women helped! We are a community of women helping women! For women by women!!!!!

I may not be a Master of one thing but I am the Jane of many trades and I hope that because of this I can help women help themselves.

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